Wit And Daniel is the title of a new duo project featuring atmospheric jazz guitarist, Prawit Siriwat, and the improvising bassist, Daniel Durst. The project reflects on their musical collaboration over many years of playing together. Through completely improvised explorations based on their collective experience of music making, they strive to forge new creative paths.

Tiny Gun plays heavy mad-sad boss fight music. Featuring Kat Lee on vox/guitar, Daniel Durst on bass, and Michael Beckett on keyboard/synth.

Drug Bug is my friend Phil Anastassiou's "null pointer rock" project. We just recorded an EP entitled "Holy Moly" that will be released very soon.

3 Bananas is a group of like-minded individuals who explore the sonic world through deep listening and a healthy dose of reckless abandon.
Birthed in the summer of 2014, when Dayeon, Daniel, and Wit found a common love for bananas during rehearsal as well as having the immediate trust to let the music go anywhere and everywhere.

Emanu plays noisy indie-funk-soul grooves led by frontwoman Rachel Linkovsky.